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My awesome dad took this shot! Cool right?


I'm a Software Engineering Student and a okay-ish Web Developer studying in King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals. I'm passionate about Programming and Software Development. I'm not good, but I work hard!

"Joel Spolsky implied that good programmers love programming so much that they'd do it for no pay at all." I guess I'm one of these guys, except the good part :).

Years ago, I had to come up with some brand name when I wanted to publish my first iOS app. Five minutes of brainstorming, and while drinking our "Makkawyyah" traditional drink, I thought why not calling it Sobia! (سوبيا)! ever since it has been SobiaLab , and I'm proud of this achievement ;)

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I love doing side-projects, though mine, are stupid and funny, but hey! you gotta keep your self busy and continue learning right? I removed all projects links, and replaced them with my social profile pages

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If you've a project in your crazy mind, contact me! I'd love to hear it.

(+966)555 644150